Here you will find a bucket list of goodies; including some of the most helpful and supportive courses, resources, gifts and offers I could personally find to support your insights; to better understand anxiety and the mind body connection.

How to become Anxious-less – Ease you mind right here, right now.

Enjoy soothing listening while learning and exploring the incredible wealth and selection of resources below to aid your mindset or to direct towards someone you care about.

  1. Calming music which will increase your focus and mind state:

Music absorbs the mind out of emotive states and negative mind states.  If this interest you why more from: edX music for wellness course

A short introduction as to WHY this set of resources is IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL

A family friend recently came over for an outing in the beautiful countryside while other relatives where down. She had moved away from home to fulfil a university placement which was offered as part of her degree. After taking the position of working at a strawberry farm in the scenic setting of Cornwall, she was excited as she was nervous. After a month or two nerves turned to anxiety and threat. Threatened by the tiny community she was living in, challenged by the limited numbers of other youth to connect with, Isolated in the county-side without a sense of connection to human beings outside of work. The house she lived in neither supported her safety, comfort of connection, but opposed her freedom due to time constraints, expectations, control and social differences. At work she felt unable to commit to her ideas and opinions. Fearful of what if, worried by what she may look like of sound like. As part of a small team, she was the youthful, energetic, willing and bustling role, ready to grow the business and reach out to an array of others, to connect and offer above and beyond the job expectations for this was an intrinsic drive to connect. She brought part of herself to the organisation as we all do, restless to make a difference; to be a positive link in the chain, willing to be seen, heard and identified for the truly helpful, supportive character she is but limited by thoughts, feelings and confidence. Time passed by, weeks turned to months and the changes that took place were re-affirmations of isolation, inability to confidently connect, limited in mind and environment. Sacrificing meaningful goals based on earning an income and fulfilling expectations. The inner residing senses and felling started effecting the mind. Her body started giving signs of unhappiness, uneasiness and residing negative energy. Stomach pains, nervous hand shaking, threatened feelings, regular worries. She was becoming blocked in mind by the way of life, without ability to release residing energy or experience high’s which gave her lifestyle meaning and purpose over the work.

We were walking along side the river of Falmouth at this point. It was a dull and dreary autumnal day but cool, refreshing and mind clearing. I myself had been stuck in ma mental rut for a while. As the family were down I embraced getting out and forgetting about the work, but part of my inner goals came through. As we walked around a national trust owned part of the country-side we started chatting, lord knows what about but of course I started asking about work, play, connection, contribution… After listening to the short-story above we identified the limited social-confidence limited her potential, she has the focus and drive but lacked the experience and guts, or connection with her gut to let go of the anxiety stimuli and go with the goals in mind. Her weaknesses were limiting her strengths, as they do for most of us. So after talking through ideas, resources, methods and connections to turn weaknesses in to opportunities, I decided this page of support was needed. The inner conscious, moral based creative giver came through. The skills I have been practicing and the knowledge I had could make a difference. So here it is: Following through on creating and giving to support a meaningful journey, something I believe we all innately strive for, just sometimes out thoughts, feeling and senses block us based on our creative nature itself.

Question: Can you relate or identify like-like or relative events or challenges in your life?

Limited by beliefs, feeling and thoughts. Strengths of personal qualities limited by social environments, expectations of earning an income…

Anyway, I truly hope you find this bucket list of positive resources to support releasing the residing negative tension within.

Contributions: Please add any ideas, resources of tools which you too have found beneficial. I will soon be sending my family friend this post and I would be grateful for any ideas to support her journey and confidence in herself.

Learning is a spice of life. Save time endlessly browsing the internet for help.
Find your need to knows, how to’s and advice on stress and anxiety relief here…



Outsourced Tips:

find the rest on this freebie: Infrograph Habit Magnet

De Stress Gifts for yourself or someone you know:

Books for anxiety strategies and support

  1. Jon Kabat Zinn: “His books and guided meditation programs describe meditation practice in such commonsensical, relevant, and compelling terms that mindfulness meditation practice has become a way of life for thousands of people”(, 2017)
Price: £18.03
Was: £25.00







2. Emeran Mayer, MD: “Taking deep, belly breaths for five minutes is the single most effective way to calm the brain and the gut,” says Emeran Mayer, MD, a gastroenterologist, one of the world’s foremost experts on the brain/gut connection, and author of : 

3. Work with your mind… using a workbook for the mind: 







Stress relief gift-  FREE eBook searched and found for you:

  1. Understanding anxiety free eBook

Courses to progress your self-expertise of mind and body:

  1. Edx— The science of happiness
  2. Health Behaviour Course
  3. Udemy – Beginners Meditation

Audible Support to re-focus an anxious mind

  1. Stress awareness Podcasts – A few words of wisdom

Check out the top 6 stress awareness podcasts on bustle

  1. Best stress relief Audio guided meditation and mindfulness

Practice letting go of mental and physical drains through guided meditation.

Some of the basic benefits include:

  • Stress and Tension Relief
  • Supporting Mental and Physical Wellbeing
  • Improving sleep and digestion
  • Clearing the mind of concerns
  • Enhance mood and mind state
  • Improve energy and efficiency
  • Increase pleasure and rewards system
  • Expand perception and awareness
  • Meditation is a tool which has been used by the world’s happiest for centuries

I can proudly offer you a professional quality meditation for a fraction of the original price because im in a giving mood. Access yours here:
Was £12. Now £3 for a limited time period.


The meditation podcast – I CAN NOT ENDORSE THIS COUPLE ENOUGH- their audible resources will positively change your mind and body with their meditative guides.

  • One Dollar £1 or more per month — Early accessto each episode. One posted each month & a monthly Patreon-only Subscriber Update (pdf e-newsletter)
  • Two Dollars  £2 or more per month  (recommended by myself) — All previous rewards, plus: TMP Archive. All  past episodes, with just the meditation (no introductions)!

Mindset Supporting Resources

  1. free meditations and mindfulness
  2. Free body scan meditation:

“Our results were consistent … supporting the fact that hypnosis and relaxation techniques could help patients in gaining a better control over the anxiety, depression and insomnia symptoms that they experienced” Holdevici, I. (2014).

Best stress relief gifts

Natural stress relief > Essential oils for body and mind

Your senses have such a huge impact on your state of mind, impacting your cognitive and physical wellbeing to such a degree. Have a nice smelling diffuser may sound like a woowoo spa treatment, but the evidence goes to show the positive effects. Breathing has a huge effect on digestion, as do certain plants and herbs. Our ancestors were much more in tune with holistic and natural therapy than the majority of us today. Give away synthetic scents and look towards essential oils; extractions of the highest potent and healing parts of the plants. I can recommend Citrus and cinnamon to stimulate the mind and digestive system, as well as lavender and rose hip to relax the mind and body. Not only did if have such a huge effect on my mind state but my thinking clarity and work production dramatically accelerated.

I Would endorse this brand for their quality sourced essential oils:

Why not download this free kindle ebook to better understand about the healing and therapeutic properties of essential oils that you don’t currently know, you may just find yourself recommending them to friends and family to support their everyday wellbeing. Essential oils and diffusers make a quality and conscientious gift if your looking to support and show care for someone.

  1. Choose the flavours to spice up your life and then check out this great value for money diffuser






  1. Sensory Calming Quicklist– here are some very interesting out of the ordinary tips, they may open your eyes to new creative ideas …

Dr Helen Webberley, the dedicated GP for Oxford Online Pharmacy understands there is a link between meditation, calming the mind and reducing stress-related bowel symptoms:

“Of course, healthy eating and exercise do help, but perhaps as a regulator and marker of a balanced mindset, rather than as a direct effect on the bowel,” she explained.

Vitamins for stress – Nutritional support

Maximise your mind-gut connection, improve cognitive clarty, enhance digestion ad sleep like a baby.  Oh, and support the condition of joints, ligaments and the important systems and structures of the body. If your looking for anxiety reducing medicine look no further than the 21st century primal alternative. Collagen is said to be a missing link of westerners diet’s today.

“Dull, wrinkled, sagging skin and dry, brittle hair and nails — all of these are signs of aging, which in large part can be attributed to the loss of collagen that occurs naturally with age … It’s found specifically in the connective tissues throughout your body, from your muscles, bones and tendons to your blood vessels and digestive system. As a compound of essential amino acids, there’s only one way to get collagen; your body can’t produce it, so you must obtain it through your diet.” Mercola. (2017).

Stress relief – Movement and yoga for destressing the body

  1. Yoga poses for anxiety – This site also has a FREE Yoga Body Challenge – “14 days of feel-good yoga classes”

 Stress Solutions by improving Communication…

Images and social media to support a positive mindstate: 

Question: Have you considered following a positive individual who posts in a way that brings positivity to your life in a way… consider:

    1. Anxiety support on instagram:
    2. Pinterest anxiety support image and quotes:



Funny uplifting stress relief ideas:

Light-Hearted VIDEO’S to uplift one’s frame of mind.

Be prepared to cringe, laugh and possibly cry. The first time I saw this i was in hysterical tears, watch the 5- second intro to build up to the randomly hilarious group laughing therapy, and make sure you watch the video light-heartedly

Evidence, data and statistics

“Over the last decade, anxiety has overtaken depression as the most common reason college students seek counseling services. In its annual survey of students, the American College Health Association found a significant increase — to 62 percent in 2016 from 50 percent in 2011 — of undergraduates reporting ‘overwhelming anxiety’ in the previous year. Surveys that look at symptoms related to anxiety are also telling. In 1985, the Higher Education Research Institute at U.C.L.A. began asking incoming college freshmen if they ‘felt overwhelmed by all I had to do’ during the previous year. In 1985, 18 percent said they did. By 2010, that number had increased to 29 percent. Last year, it surged to 41 percent.” Denizet-Lewis, B. (2017).

Cognitive Strategies You Can Use to Begin Curbing Anxiety .

  1. Examine, and list, your beliefs about yourself, others, and the world.

Summarize your beliefs of what causes you to worry.

Challenge your beliefs and diss-associate from needing to look good or needing to “fit in”.

“Most of the time, anxieties stem from a few negative core beliefs, such as ‘I am an awkward person,’ or ‘I am ugly.’ Discovering these core beliefs is the first step in correcting them.”

  1. Consider alternative thoughts and explanations to your suffering.

Try journalling and writing down what you think and feel, then try to identfy why.

“If you assume someone ignored you and didn’t say hello because s/he doesn’t like you, consider all the alternative explanations. Maybe s/he didn’t see you, maybe s/he had a headache, perhaps s/he just had a fight with her boss or spouse.”

  1. Generate an alternative thought and repeat it often to yourself.

“Repeat what you desire your thoughts to be, even if you don’t quite believe it at first. ”

Don’t assume your thoughts are true. “assuming the worst isn’t helpful and I didn’t do anything wrong, so I’m sure it will be ok. Starting to fill your mind with positive thoughts instead of negative, self-deprecating ones is the beginning of a happier, more relaxed self-image.” (How to Curb Anxiety and Panic Attacks Using CBT Techniques, 2017)

A personal Note

I hope you found this collection of resources helpful. You are more important than you think. This resource wouldn’t be available if you did not matter. If you would like to personally get in touch or you have any queries, please feel free to leave a message.

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