What do you truly need to travel?

A lot less than many people first think. Sporadic Travelling is all about thinking lightweight. Packing, Planning & preparing lightweight. Travelling will always have a sporadic nature which is what makes it so rewarding and experiential. Here is a a couple of quick and dirty tips to get you started and thinking ‘lightweight’ from the get go.

After a 30 day trip of overpacking, I did often kick myself when space was an issue in the French Alps. Driving over was one hell of an experience in itself. Reflecting on the trip, it could have been done much much better, so here is a few tips.

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Lets start with the bare essentials of what you do not need
i.e. What you can buy in most locations:

  • Extra Clothing (weather condition specific)
  • Longer term Food quantities (on the go for the next few days only). Food is pretty abundant unless you are travelling away from communities into the wilderness. Plan for the days away from a source and add a Safety % depending on if you become isolated or stuck..
  • Extra luxuries; Treat yourself to a luxury or two on the move and you may find it to be much more rewarding… whatever it is. Thus preventing added weight and baggage.
  • Renting or borrowing gear vs the cost and weight or transporting.

What you need: What is easy enough (light and transportable to take with you)

Accommodation Prep and organisation

Airbnb really is a last minute saviour if you need a place to stay for a couple of days to a few weeks. Do not overlook the opportunities to be found with a little bit of research.
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Warmth, Light, Mobile – Thinking Lightweight.

More coming soon…

Please leave a tip of what you choose not to take or how you also think lightweight.