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Part 1 of the Concentration Meditation Series. A 25 minute meditation to start your day on the right foot. Practicing focus and concentration can dissipate strress peak times of concerns, planning and rumination in your day. Personally I use meditation each morning for an optimal mindstate effect on the rest of the day. Leading to more productive work, a greater frame of mind, and most importantly, supporting mental clarity. Positive habits form who we are and what we can achieve, if your looking to develop as a person, try meditation and this audible resource for clarity of mind and body. Opening your world to the incredible benefits of meditation. Optimise focus, creativty, awareness…

You may be looking for stress relief, or are you striving to support your wellness of mind and body?
Your looking in the right place.

Achieve and explore the benefits of concentration meditation

  • Guided through visualisations.
  • Directing focus through the sensations within the body.
  • Leaning how to dissipate tension.
  • Gaining control of thought, mind and body.
  • Expanding self-awareness.
  • Reducing stress, worrying thoughts and over planning.
  • and many more physcial and mental benefits

Calming practice supporting health of mind.

To think and live like a successful transformed professional.

I use this meditation each morning to put myself in to a creative and clear state of mind, prepared for a peaceful start of the day. Without morning meditation my day would look like a mess of to do’s, unstructured plans, and a sense of being out of control.

Meditation has change my way of life and state of mind.
Meditation can do the same for you with this all-rounded mindset guide as part of the early bird meditation series.
Wake up fresh and go to bed peaceful in mind and body.

What does this concentration meditation cover.

Though this meditation you will discover how to deepen the depth and degree or your sense awareness— Key elements of focus and perception, explored through guided observation, allowing you to deepen your sense of perception—you will become more consciously relaxed—allowing preconscious tension to dissipate and dissolve out of mind and body — improving digestion and clarity of mind.

Through voluntarily aligning the body and breath, a whole system effect will begin to take place— repeating these meditative practices can support your cognitive and physical wellbeing –
begin to refine and clarify the greater identity you look to become- today.

How & Why a concentration meditation practice can support your transformation

Thought and sense awareness govern our everyday life, our beliefs, dreams, and goals of fulfilment; socially, emotionally and physically—The cognition true to ourselves, and our ambitions.
But my beliefs are true to me, and they may differ from yours; your beliefs may differ from mine, but of which are true to you. Both our perspectives and experiences will be based on a continuum of the depth and degree we have previously associated with— our experiences and developing understanding.

We may instinctively believe that we have experienced all the sensations and emotions potential to life, but we may not recognise these senses and perceptions in fact have a associated depth and degree; A new potential observation and experience. For the unknown sense and perception is that we have not yet experienced. These two aspects direct effect daily attention, focus and potential achievement— the instincts and desires to develop, connect and to feel a sense of fulfilment. This practice is to support exactly that: Seeking and exploring the depth and degree of ones sensations and observations, within the internal environment of mind and body, in an external environment of community and reality.

The mind and body is the foundation of which forms our potential. Within the very elements and aspects of life lie a potential of euphoria and self-mastery.

All of what we know as individuals is based on expanding the base components of what we know, to a greater depth and degree, to lead a path based on these fundamental components. Expanding these can forever change one’s life and the very potential path one leads.

Benefits of meditation

Guiding transformation of healthy minds and bodies.

By noticing any thoughts or tension, exploring what you don’t know about yourself, and enhancing your self-connection; you will be supporting and develop an expanded self-awareness; of a perception and enhanced belief system; and most importantly, what you understand about the thoughts you think, feelings you feel, and sensations you sense. All of which have a purpose- to keep you safe, to support your development, and to fulfil a meaningful life.

Reflecting on these steps requires contemplation on your behalf. To look in to the light of your experiences and feelings, to observe what you believe and feel, in a new foreseen way:
Observing sensations while considering why you feel the way you do; by noticing thoughts and wondering why you are worrying; what the cause for concern is; and how to resolve the concern in a new and supporting way. While minimising distress and concern.

A key component of meditation is perception; seeing with a new point of view

The goal and challenge in mind lies with identifying thoughts from feelings, through simply noticing in a observational view point: To observe and understand, instead of experiencing and reacting, you may see what think and think what you feel.


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