Cleanse Meditation 2.0 – Cleansing Meditation Series


Cleanse and De-stress like a Buddhist Monk.

Or expereince the habits and practices of being at peace, relaxed, clear or mind and relieved of any stress and tension. Practicing meditation is to care for your physical and mental health. To support your creative ability, Your fulfillment in life. And to slow down a busy world.

Find piece with yourself and practice meditation

  • De-stress with the tools and skills for the challenge called life.
  • Add value, potential and health to your day with a mind absorbing 17 minute meditation.
  • A positive habit to add yo your daily life.

Designed to support your progression personally and professionally.

Start every day on the right foot.

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The Cleansing Meditation 2.0 really is your all in one meditation. 

Cleansing meditation 2.0 stress relief, cleansing meditation to help release tension, worries and stress. Value-rich mind absorbing 17 minute meditation. A Guided Cleansing medation for clearing mind and body. By guiding you to switch off from procrastinating or self-concerning thoughts.

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And let me know how you find the experience! the most important but often unforgotten part.

Let stress out of life and mind through guided meditation.
Tune in and re-allign to feelings of peacufulness and clarity.
You are the worth you create for yourself.
Start by alligning body and mind and step towards the creative cleansing energy meditation brings.
An energy you can redirect in to creating a more meaningful and positively fulfilling lifestyle.

With regular practice comes the skills and ability to:
Overcome challenge and concerns;
Directly swtich off your mind when you most meed.
Re-energise and relieve all forms of stress and tension from body;
Direct your mind and dissipate sistracting worries through directing attention to the mind absorbing sounds and guiding voice of Jamie.


Positive Habits of the Cleansing Meditation 2.0

From start to end this should form the main stay of your personal development practices.

Super-charge your creativity. Develop a more in-tune version of you.

  • Stress and Tension Relief
  • Supporting Mental and Physical Wellbeing
  • Improving sleep and digestion
  • Clearing the mind of concerns
  • Enhance mood and mind state
  • Improve energy and efficiency
  • Increase pleasure and rewards system
  • Expand perception and awareness
  • Meditation is a tool which has been used by the world’s happiest for centuries

Check out how Andy Puddicombe feels about meditation. Bristol born, Buddhist monk. A man with great insights and knowledge to the beefits of meditation.

You may find the words of wisdom from Shrimati Bhanu Narasimhan, Sara Robinson, Susan Braden, Ronnie Newman and Elizabeth Hoge’s on meditation’s effects such as

  • lengthening life
  • Reduced sickness
  • Making life more enjoyable
  • Imprving positive emotion and wellbeing
  • Detatching from anger,
  • Less cravings and much more…

Check out this huffington post article to find out more.

De-stress support for mental recovery or improve growth mindset. Meditation support for you to grow in better ways.

The potential of your mind and body is limitless.

Once you put the supportive habits and practices in place, your growth will accelate to meet new heights of personal and professional progression.

Take my experience, support and resources to access the shortest route to the new and improved you.

Gain the skills and wisdom of how to deeply relax your body with conscious control.

The cleansing Meditation 2.0 – Your simple stress-relief solution

Designed to support your progression personally and professionally. Add value to your daily life with this 17 minute meditation. Start your day on the right foot every day. De-stress with the tools for the job.

Take the words of a caring and conscientious soul:

Your potential starts with the added value of learning how you manage your mind.

Enjoy expanding your self-awareness and be sure to share with those you care about.

Other beneficial recourse to support your insight in to meditation:

The Benefits of Being Present: Mindfulness and Its Role in Psychological Well-Being

Daniel Amen, shares his incredibly eye opening insight in TedEx in regards to supporting the brain to grow and develop even after serious neuroligical damage. “So after 22 years, and 83,000 scans. The single most important lesson my colleagues and i have learned, is that you can literally change people’s brain’s, and when you do you change their life. You are not stuck with the brain your have, you can make it better and we can prove it …”

The Full Video can by Amen can be found here

Be sure to browse the recommended resources, courses, blogs, websites, and more. All compiled in to one ease acces blog post


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