Supporting Health and Wellbeing of Body and Mind


Here at Lfestyle In Mind & Jamie Bland Wellbeing we have been exploring the boundaries of health and body and mind in detail for many years. The conceptualise the inner workings of the mind has been a quest like no other, but a rewarding one at that. Even with the best degree of sel-awareness yet, the unknown is still unknown. With theories, concepts and models in mind we can best identify how, where, what, when and why individuals are resrticted in mind or are able to blossom in areas of life. To give back to the health of others is my (Jamie Bland) passion. Health, mental health, physical health, psychological health… All fall under one oferseeing control centre: the mind. To work with it in suffering and in health is and forever will be an ongoing challenge, but to give yourself permission to work with the mind does unheard benefits to one’s life and mind. Stress, microstress, suffering and illness are all factors of not being able to lead the lifestyle in mind. I am here to try my utmost best to help you. So if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to give you my time and energy. 


Do you support your minds growth and potential?
Do you practice training your brain in mindfulness or meditation? 
What do these mean to you?
Allow us to support your potential
Live for an enjoyable lifestyle & achieve happiness daily.


What is the well-being academy?


A self-development, guiding collection of the most effective and supporting resources, to support you to greater health and wellbeing.


 As the creator, designer and developer, I can tell you The Well-being academy is unique to anything else you have learnt about.


 What if i told you the Wellbeing Academy is designed to help any single person in leading a more positive and productive lifestyle.



 Greater connections, experiences and memories- A guide to a greater lifestyle. 


 Tried, tested, modified, and development has taken years of work.


   Working one to one with an individual who not only lost their way in life and health, but lost their mind.


 Helping an individual who lost control of their lifestyle, and became so mentally and physically ill, a section was forced upon them to to take professional help.


 This individual is now not only healthy, but pioneering and exploring the boundaries of well-being. Wellbeing awareness almost defiantly beyond most individuals abilities or understanding. He is no self-declared expert but offers expert advice, guidance and listening services.


 Help to optimise your Mindset


I would like you to join the academy, and thus join me on a journey to greater health, connection and understanding. I would like to invite you to the challenge of greater wellbeing,  beyond your current understanding. Maybe you want support right now, maybe you do not.


Sharing the support to those who matter 

If you know someone who could benefit with some positive information.


 Start your journey by giving someone else who might be struggling with their thoughts a gift.
Give the gift of directing their attention to this Support site


 Give someone the gift of change and choice, out of their current troubled mind.



 Commitment to Mind-Mastery


Now, how would you feel if i told you i have spent years of work, labor, energy and commitment to develop this offering for you.


Well, this is true.
The academy would not exist if you did not.
The years of growth and creative intellectual development would not have taken place if i knew you do not also feel or experience what i did.


I have planned, practiced and preached in these skills and resources I offer you.
And continue to develop, blossom and provide for the health of you, your friends, family and all others. 



 Challenged in life and mind?


At times we all struggle, unable to solve the solution to achieve our goals and dreams. Leading to:


– Unanswered Thoughts and worries form stress in physical and emotional form


– Working, education, living. No matter what age, background, environment or upbringing. Managing your mind can be a truly troubling task


– Life can feel like juggling act of coping, doubting, criticizing and not achieving.


– Energy and time often slip out of our grasp as life races by.


– The mind can be in a stream of life yet still feel out of place.


A troubled mind left to ruminate, worry, tire and drain is not only detrimental but soul destroying.


 Guidance and support is needed now more than ever.


 – Desires and dreams are being crushed by miss-direction and miss-information we live in a society and lifestyle leading towards deteriorating minds; unbalanced choices subjective thoughts and worries are becoming agonizingly influential on individuals choices and direction. 



 Miss-influence towards poor mental health


We currently live in a society of vast unintentional miss-influence.


 – Connections with the right support, the right advice and the right resources are not only few and far between, but can feel like trying to spot a needle in a haystack.


– The internet; the world wide web of businesses, selling strategies, pseudo-identities, false lifestyles and miss-influence are leading
lives astray in to dark places of mind.
– One can easily become lost without understand key components of one-self, the environment, the language and patterns


 Just as the coding has a language, so does differing countries. The shear difference in dialect between individuals can be enough to lose understanding.


 Well-being is no different. Well-being has its own language which can support your understanding and health.
You need to first choose you want to understand..


Create Your Personal Path to Success


 Current patterns are shifting away from simplistic happy lifestyles and trending towards anxiety rich, depressive and ill lifestyles.


 – lifestyle patterns are becoming disconnected from our deep desires.
– a disconnected mind leads to poor thoughts, feelings and actions
– a disconnected world leads to poor environmental choices, connections and global outcomes
– many disconnected minds in a world of others leads to anxiety, fear, depression, ilness and stress.
prescription quick fixes are no longer good enough to sustain mental and physical health. 



1 in 4 individuals suffer from mental problems each year


 – Undeniable evidence shows the challenges and concerns with a mass amount of individuals. Now is the time to learn from each other and manage the mental health crises. The fundamental components that matter to life, to your life: Purpose, direction, health and happiness.



 How To Take Control of a Troubled mind


Do you notice yourself thinking in an array of directions, away from the task at hand?


 – What are you thinking right now? Are you worrying right now? Look forwards and reach out to these resources designed to support your mind. Present awareness, self awareness… The common demoninator shows arareness and perception is a key factor of not only mental health but success in any are in life. Learn to master your perception with out supporting resources of specific books, audible resources and advice series.


Do you know what it takes for consistent positive change?
Do you know what you do not, and i want to be a guide to prevent you tripping up.
Do you want you to question and contemplate what i say in relation to your beliefs and truths.
You are the important identity. You are unique. And you matter. So allow us to help


You are the only one to challenge your own mind.
To question your mind and your lifestyle patterns. 



 4 questions for you to seriously take time over to consider and contemplate.


Questions as follows:
1: Are there any aspirations of parts of life you feel you are missing?
2: Do you feel completely fullfilled and happy with where you are currently?
3: Do you have the ability to manage your lifestlye, actions, emotions, and most importantly, your thoughts?
4: Are you content in your roles? be it work, education, friend, family member… 





Discovering the programmes in mind.


What i have learnt from years of surviving and self-destructive experiences


– How to live with in harmony with my mind and body
– Previously having lost track of life’s meaningful journey
– I was spiraling in to self-destructive patterns, destroying my mind and body, inside and out.
– I truly understand how to support a mind to reach its highest potential, to creativity, intelligence, skill and enlightened being.


At this moment in time I am trying to develop a new scientific based Well-being theory to support the human evolution to greater health and happiness.
I have spent years dedicating vast time and energy to a greater cause than my self –
You are the reason i have practiced, trained, learnt, developed and grown in creative intelligence.
All i want in return is to listen and to connect with you and your story.


We are all story tellers at heart. So let me here yours.