This weeks creative design brief will reward the winning designer with £30 cash and the contract for future work with out brand and other project from our clients. You will receive the opportunity to come on our podcast and gain reputation on our website as we poromote you and your works. (free marketing, professional development opportunities and a lead to you)

2nd and 3rd place will also be rewarded for their valued contribution and creative potential.

Who were looking for:
– Someone with a bit of creative flare
– Who thinks outside of the box
– A bigger picture person
– Who can study the components, requirements and solutions of the brief and the audience’s perspective.
Are you able to put your favourite designs aside to create A WINNING design of the customer…

So your creative and interested?
Please continue to find out about the project itself:

Submission Deadline: 24/01/2018

Our Project:
Release of our podcast called: Millenial Identity. By the end of the month

The Task at hand:
To create a logo/ podcast image (min 1400 X 1400 or 2048 X 2048 max) preferably max.

The logo Text: Millenial Identity

– At one glance does our audience must understand what the podcast is about from the image.
– Our audience: Young creative individuals, similar to you; in young adulthood upwards (28-28), looking for a creative path in to the professional world to support personal development and their lifestyle in mind. Looking for answers, motivation, solutions, support…

Our Creative brief:
The design you believe to represent the three components of identity: Physical, spiritual and intellectual. Eye catching from a distance. Bold and Bright. With geometric lines and shapes. Symbollic of a journey moving towards achievement, connected and expanding. The podcast is about giving direction, focus, and clarity leading to delevopment, solutions and core components of identities. Heart and mind.

Concepts to set you creative spark off:

    Heart model  

First send us a quick Email us to let us know your on the case:
Secondly: You can submit your podcast logo/artwork through the detailed responce after provided your email above in step one.

Simply tell us your name, email and current professional role, what you would like to achieve from your creative works and we will be happy to help find a role for you.

Register and Enter here

Or you can share the opportunity with creative friends. Why not challenge them to win the cash and reputation.

Good Luck and may our creative thoughts be with you.

Bonus point: If your in to design and looking for jobs, here is a quirky site worth checking out