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Creative Design Brief – Design a logo Concept Competition

This weeks creative design brief will reward the winning designer with £30 cash and the contract for future work with out brand and other project from our clients. You will receive the opportunity to come on our podcast and gain reputation on our website as we poromote you and your works. (free marketing, professional development opportunities and a lead to you) 2nd and 3rd place will also be rewarded for their valued contribution and creative potential. Who were looking for: – Someone with a bit of creative flare – Who thinks outside of the box – A bigger picture person – Who can study the components, requirements and solutions of the brief and the audience’s perspective. Are you able to put your favourite designs aside to create A WINNING design of the customer… So your creative and interested? Please continue to find out about the project itself: Submission Deadline: 24/01/2018 Our Project: Release of our podcast called: Millenial Identity. By the end of the month The Task at hand: To create a logo/ podcast image (min 1400 X 1400 or 2048 X 2048 max) preferably max. The logo Text: Millenial Identity – At one glance does our audience must understand what the podcast is about from the image. – Our audience: Young creative individuals, similar to you; in young adulthood upwards (28-28), looking for a creative path in to...

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12 Key Points For Productivity In The Workplace

From managers to leaders, employer’s to employee’s. Productivity and production capability need ongoing attention and consideration to get the best from yourself and your team. Better understand Workplace productivity with these  key points. Simple, effective and efficient for your convenience. Personal and professional development doensn’t stop at the end of the day. We bring who we are and what we know; the skillset’s, crafts, and interposonal capabilities to and from the workplace. Why not provide your team with the productivity key points for succesful organisations. Access your 12 Key Points For Productivity In The Workplace resource now by subscribing...

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Daily Gratitude – 3 Success Habits

  A gratitude message with daily gratitude in mind. Here you will find a bucket list of resoures of gratitude; including some of the most helpful and supportive courses, gifts and offers I could personally find to support you to better understand gratitude with this resourceful gratitude message. Contributions: Please add your favourite and fundamental resources, tools or tips in the comments below. You too have have the ability to connect and contrbute the the health of someone else’s life and frame of mind. Give the gift of knowledge and experience. Share the support and connect the resources to the individuals in...

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Understand Anxiousness – Anxiety Support, Resources and Tools

NameEmail * Here you will find a bucket list of goodies; including some of the most helpful and supportive courses, resources, gifts and offers I could personally find to support your insights; to better understand anxiety and the mind body connection. How to become Anxious-less – Ease you mind right here, right now. Enjoy soothing listening while learning and exploring the incredible wealth and selection of resources below to aid your mindset or to direct towards someone you care about. Calming music which will increase your focus and mind state: Music absorbs the mind out of emotive states and negative mind states.  If...

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Top 5 Essentials For A Healthy Mind and Lifestyle

The Wellbeing Theory Why not get create and learn what makes well-being so important. We are giving you Free tools and resources to help support our valued customers. Even in the most peaceful holiday destination, ones mind may still be worrying about the past of future. 1- Find peace of mind “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” ― Dalai Lama XIV Do not miss out on this incredible and Free 200+ Page eBook On Inner Peace We pulled out all the stops to find you this free guide.   2- Find...

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Well-being Introduction

Your well-being is my concern. If you want to understand any problem limiting your well-being and thus your lifestyle, I want to congratulate you. Steps to understanding first require willingness to seek change and solution. What I want you to understand is how you can truly support your own creative intelligence; the brain; The source of all worries, problems, creativity and achievements. Do you want to know how to develop your own organisational, planning and logical skill set? How about mastering your own creativeness? We all could benefit from visualization to solve problems on a deep and meaningful level to...

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Societies State of Health Stats

More Evidence shows 1 in 4 individuals suffer from mental problems each year. – What we have learnt and achieved as a species still threatens mental health today. – The fundamental components that matter to life, to your life: Awareness, emotions, sensations, connections, energy, and growth. – Evolution has highlighted mankind’s incredible adaptation. Now we are in need of greater need of self-awareness than ever. We currently live in a society of vast unintentional miss-influence. – Connections with the right support, the right advice and the right resources are not only few and far between, but can feel like...

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