Choosing To Understand The Mind

  • The Mind can often feel like a mesh of spinning cogs. At times you may feel as if the smallest spanner in the works could disrupt life itself. 
  • Life is more than an accident just waiting to happen.
  • You no longer need to be one step away from chaos of failure.
  • No longer stand in the dark, confused and unsure of what led you to this point.

You don’t have to lead from one problem to the next, procrastinating in life and mind, troubled or challenged in needing to be a somebody. Tackle the challges by looking in a place you have not yet considered. Look yo reachong out for support either though our contant page or on Jamie Bland Wellbeing. A more than supportive organisation based on changing lifestyles. Give yourself the time and care to make your way of life how you can imagine it to be in mind.

Work with a mindful specialist to resolve and disolve the challeges you face with one-to-one personalised development sessions. Currently FREE for November only. Make yourself the priority. You and your desired way of life. By overcoming challenges, troubles, worries, concerning thoughts and the barriers between your success. 

We are all story tellers at heart. So let me here yours and maybe we can identify limiting factors to your wellbeing growth. All I look for is to listen and to connect with you and your story.

The challenge we all face is how to best work with out minds; to achieve a sustainable and supportive lifestyle

Choosing To Work With The Mind

  • How to create yourself a meaningful Job & What it takes to improve your frame of mind. 
  • To truly understand the mechanisms in mind to outgrow yourself.
  • Break the barriers of your potential by working with the foundations of life. 
  • Work with your mind with guidance by Lifestyle In Mind. Specialists in Mindful and lifeful direction and purpose. 

Choice and Change are on your side, if and when you embrace them. Encouragement and support are on tap. Now is your time to choose to grow and achieve. 

Life-Lessons learnt – From Creative to Critical thinking

Never miss a beat with the books and personal resources compiled for your lifestyle fulfilment

  • How to live with in harmony with my mind and body
  • How to re-find a sense of path to lead a meaningful journey.
  • How to identify self-destructive habits and patterns, within the minds thoughts, bodies actions and lifestyle patterns.

Self-Investments and Priceless Returns

 Do you want a taste of sweetness or to rid the bitterness in life? 

After years of dedicated and self-investments, energy, time, knowledge, skill, and creativity are on my side. Commitment and ersonal development are and forever will be a meaningful direction and factor of all individuals lifes. Now is the time to give back to you, the individual seeking the wisdom..

Choose now to suppor your mind towards greater health, happiness and self-value though the proven principles. 

Achieve a Winning Mindset

I truly understand the cognitive components and mechanisms to allign for self-supported mind-mastery. Allow me to show you the insights and advice series of information through the books, blog, audible resources and more. Learn to unlock the unrecognised mechanisms of this world’s leading mindful Guru’s. The creative mastery individuals who explored and pushed beyond the boundaries in life and mind; to unlock enhanced potential, creativity, intelligence, skill, creative and critical thinking -to achieve a winning mind set.